Everybody says “you gotta have it” and we’re the business that helps you maintain it!  Didn’t want to get into Facebook Fan pages with YOUR business?  Too tired to tweet?  Need a little space from MySpace?  Let us do the work for you!  We put the creativity back in your pages!

SO-ME is a system of providing consistency to your pages, keeping them in front of your fans!  We update status’ daily and check pages for content, sometimes there’s something posted out there that YOU don’t want on your fan page, with daily checking we take it off before it becomes an issue.  Email us weekly lists of events and we make sure they post on your social media accounts, email us surprise events and advertisements and we get the word out!

Contact SO-ME with existing social media accounts, or ask for help in setting up accounts – the basic Facebook Fan page to a referral for the whole nine yards!  Either way, we can help you maintain those accounts and keep in touch with your customers and fans!!

Why use SO-ME?  Why use Social Media?

Social Media is an inexpensive outlet for advertising for businesses; Facebook fan pages help companies connect with possible customers through what SOME calls “The Ripple Effect”.  The Ripple Effect starts when something is posted on a social media outlet; this posting then generates comments from fans on the fan page.  These comments show up on user’s pages generating interest from other users possibly not fans, it is this ripple effect that generates more fans to your fan page and increases your base of customers.

What does Social Media Do?

Social Media connects your customers and potential customers to you daily.  This is beneficial when they have a need that uses your business, by being “connected” to you; they come to your business first.  Creating the “social media family” creates customer loyalty even before that first purchase, but connecting with your customer via Social Media you establish your business as an expert in the field and develop loyalty.  Facebook is a “casual conversation” with your customers and potential customers.

With daily activity on your Facebook Fanpage, the increase of your page in your fan’s newsfeed increases your visibility!  This keeps the power of suggestion in front of users, and when users share information they find on your Fanpage it extends your reach.

Let SO-ME get you active in the world of social media, let us help maintain those accounts so you can do what you do best - manage your business!

Why Use a Maintenance Service?

SO-ME makes sure that your Facebook Fanpage does not languish, with daily updates we keep it fresh and vibrant.  You provide any additional updates or events or pictures, we don’t take over the page  Security in knowing that someone is looking at your page daily then adding fresh content, taking SPAM off, alerting you to complaints lets you manage your business not your Facebook Fanpage!  Take a vacation, transition new employees, prepare for an event and know that someone is watching your page for a reasonable fee!